Other subjects at English in Totnes

If you want to study the topics below with one of our teachers, but can't get to Totnes, or want to study at a time that suits you, we offer on-line learning with a tutor in the following subjects:

  • Creative Writing

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Computer Coding- coming soon!

How does it work?

  • we have a Skype, WeChat or Whatsapp meeting with you or your parent (if you are under 18) to discuss your particular needs

  • we then design a bespoke programme if you are having one to one lessons, or a small group programme for you and your friends if you want to study together

  • once payment has been received, we send you the link for our free software and some instructions on how to use it

  • then we begin!

Each lesson includes:

  • preparation material- this may be reading or exercises- the day before

  • your 45 minutes 'face-to-face' lesson with your tutor

  • homework assignment

  • homework correction


Book  one-to-one lessons or small groups 1 teacher to 4 students. Currently available for all ages, from 11 years upwards.


Creative Writing- 11 years+

Science 11-15 years 

Mathematics 11-15 years 


We aim to improve your ability to write clearly and creatively in English through a series of structured lessons, exploring different genres of writing. By reading different texts and writing your own for homework, you can discover your own voice, improve your vocabulary and develop some fantastic transferrable skills, such as confident and compelling story-telling, critical thinking and good self expression. Suitable for English students and second-language users.

We aim to improve your problem-solving ability and your understanding of the world around you. We look at biology, physics and chemistry at the levels appropriate for Key Stage 3 or GCSE or for general understanding and interest as per your needs. Suitable for English students and second-language users.

We aim to improve your analytical thinking and reasoning ability through a varied and challenging series of lessons, geared to your particular level and syllabus needs. Maths appears in all aspects of our lives and our lessons focus on the everyday use of number, algebra, shape and sequencing. Suitable for English students and second-language users.

Course details

Course available: all year round

Course length: 1 lesson; 10 lessons

Course levels: Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 9 years+

Class size: one-to-one or 4 people per lesson

Lesson length: 45 minutes

No of lessons: 1 lesson or group of 10 lessons

Course prices

One-to-one lessons

1 x 45 minutes £60 per lesson

10 x 45 minutes £550 for 10 lessons


Small group lessons (4 people booking together)

10 x 45 minutes £300 per person for 4 people


Privacy Policy


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