Online IELTS course

IELTS is one of the best known English language tests for second language users. This is the test you need to do If you want to show you have the right English level to attend a university course in the UK. Or if you want to work in an English speaking company or country, adding IELTS to your CV is a real plus!

Group classes

Our course offers 1.5 hours tuition every day from Monday to Friday - Monday, Wednesday and Friday lessons focus on General English skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar development and vocabulary extension. Tuesday and Thursday lessons focus on exam preparation and practice for the General IELTS exam.

Video Conference

Course dates: starts 04.01.2021; 15.02.2021; 29.03.2021; 10.05.2021; 21.06.2021; 02.08.2021; 13.09.2021; 25.10.2021 (join any week)

Course length: 1- 6 weeks

Course levels: B1+

Minimum age: 16 years

Class size: 1 - 12

Lesson length: 90 minutes per day Monday to Friday

Lesson times: 2 different time zones:

1. Monday - Friday 11.00 UK time/ 19.00 CST,18.00 THA, 20.00 Japan

2. Monday - Friday 17.00 UK time/ 18.00 CET

No of lessons: 5 x 90 minutes per week

£450 for 6 weeks paid in advance

£95 per week if paid from week to week

Registration fee :£30 per course - this gives you access to all your course materials online through our study portal plus access to online materials for 12 months after you go home.

Please be climate aware and offset your flight by, for example, planting trees. Or travel by train (or other public transport) for a 10% discount on your course- discount refunded on presentation of your tickets on arrival at the school. And if you could write about your journey, we can share how you did it and encourage others to do the same! Not applicable to pre-booked groups.

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