Adult Intensive English (per week) 1-4 weeks

Adult Intensive English (per week) 1-4 weeks


Our Intensive English combines 15 clock hours of General English with an extra 6 clock hours a week. The focus is on developing your confidence as a speaker and communicator in English through better grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


Intensive English can be a general option and covers a variety of useful and practical topics. Or you can choose Business English or Exam Preparation Intensives- tell us which you want to do.


COURSES START EVERY MONDAY - available all year round for 16 years+.

School is closed from 18.12.20 – 04.01.21 and 17.12.21 – 03.01.22  and open for public holidays rest of year.


21 hours per week | 1 week+| Minimum 16 years all year round


    Thank you for booking a course at English in Totnes. Please fill in the Registration Form with your arrival and departure details and check booking terms and conditions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please be climate aware and offset your flight by, for example, planting trees. Or travel by train (or other public transport) for a 10% discount on your course- discount refunded on presentation of your tickets on arrival at the school. And if you could write about your journey, we can share how you did it and encourage others to do the same! Not applicable to pre-booked groups.

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