Adult English + Exam Preparation (per week) 1-5 weeks

Adult English + Exam Preparation (per week) 1-5 weeks


This course is for you if you want to prepare for an English exam which shows your level for your school, university or work.

The morning General English classes improve your use of English, increase your vocabulary, extend your grammar and give you confidence.

The afternoon Exam Preparation classes offer you:

  • 3 afternoons of general exam skills focus- what you need to know to be successful in the exam itself

  • homework specific to the exam you are preparing for

  • we cover IELTS, Cambridge and Language Cert exam preparation


COURSES START EVERY MONDAY - available all year round for 16 years+.

School is closed from 18.12.20 – 04.01.21 and 17.12.21 – 03.01.22  and open for public holidays rest of year.


21 hours per week | 2 weeks+| Minimum 16 years all year round


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