Adult One to one English in school

Adult One to one English in school


There is no better way to give your language skills a huge boost than our one-to-one classes. You have one of our lovely teachers all to yourself to focus on exactly what you need, whatever your level. 


In your first lesson you will discuss your goals, strengths and areas to work on, and make an action plan with your teacher. Some people send us information about what they want to study before they arrive so that we can design a programme in advance. If you have the time, we really recommend that you do this. You can choose to focus on General English or Business English, or a combination.

Most of our students combine One-to-One lessons with General English or Intensive English so that they have a balance of group and individual lessons, which is the best way to progress as quickly as possible.




School is closed 18.12.20 – 04.01.21 and 17.12.21 – 03.01.21 and open for public holidays rest of year.


5 hours per week  | Minimum 16 years

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