English plus Cultural Experience

This course is for you if you want to know more about English culture and history.

The morning General English classes improve your use of English, increase your vocabulary, extend your grammar and give you confidence.

The afternoon Cultural Experience classes offer you:

  • 2 afternoons of Cultural Experience lessons outside the classroom in a place of touristic interest eg castles, abbeys, museums and stately homes with your teacher, with your English lessons happening in the place that you are visiting. This offers you an alternative and unique way to increase your confidence and to improve your vocabulary on a wide range of topics not generally covered in classroom-based lessons. 

  • 1 afternoon of Cultural Experience lessons in school with your teacher, covering topics such as English humour, English food, English attitudes to politeness and hospitality and a wide range of topics aimed at exploring what it is to be English and finding our similarities and differences with your culture.

Elke (68 years) from Germany (May 2019) said:


'At the beginning of the week I could not understand the museum information- today (in Exeter Cathedral) I read and understood about Scott of the Antarctic!". Here is Elke's testimonial.

Lessons are taught inside and outside the school and we use public transport as much as we can to protect our environment . Where we do use a car, we offset our carbon footprint through planting trees. When you go on foot or by public transport you also have the chance to talk to your teacher from the beginning to the end of  your outing.  


If you only have 1 week available, this course is ideal for you and will ensure you make the most of your time with us. If you are coming for longer, we recommend you combine this course with one of our other programmes.

Course details

Course availability: all year round

Course length: 1-2 weeks

Course levels: Pre- Intermediate (A2) to Proficiency (C2)

Minimum age: 16 years +

Class size: maximum 4: minimum 1

Lesson length: 60 minutes

No of lessons: 22.5 x 60 minutes English lessons per week

Course prices

£437 for 1 week

£874 for 2 weeks

Why not add:

a full social programme for only £45 per week, to include one full day and two half day excursions, one or two evening activities, 2 additional half day activities and a free afternoon on Friday.

* we are not currently offering any free social activities in addition to classes booked.

Accommodation options

  • Half board, single room, shared bathroom in walking distance of the school:  £146 per week

  • Half board, single room, own bathroom in walking distance of the school: £186 per week

  • Self catering, single room: £110 per week

  • A great range of cottage, B and B and hotel accommodation is also available in Totnes- see what TripAdvisor recommends.

Cultural Experience timetable

Daily schedule: 09:00 - 12:30 General English lessons in school daily Monday to Friday

                             13:30 - 16:30 Cultural Experience English lessons outside school for 2 afternoons- usually Monday and                                                             Wednesday and one afternoon Cultural Experience English lesson inside school

Week 1


CE Buckfast Abbey .jpg

Buckfast Abbey - a modern-day Benedictine community with a strikingly beautiful abbey.  This is a great opportunity for practising your 'shoulds' and 'oughts'!


The Abbey has thought-provoking gardens (such as a medieval sensory garden) and exhibits which present a fascinating perspective on British history.  The lifestyle of the monks is also considered and this gives us an opportunity to reflect on what is important in life.


Coleton Fishacre.jpeg

Coleton Fishacre - an art-deco house and garden famous for its links with the Gilbert and Sullivan operas - with a wonderful coastal walk. 

This was the dream house (built from scratch, from an empty river valley) of the D'Oyly Carte family and the design of the house and extensive gardens make you think about what we might create if money 'was no object', was not a factor. 


PresentationTVNEW .jpg

English Culture in the classroom-  English attitudes to politeness and hospitality- how do you know if you have offended someone from this island? 

Week 2


CE Sharpham3.jpg

Sharpham Vineyard - an award-winning maker of wine and cheese, and a really scenic walk from Totnes along the river.

The shape of the landscape and river have produced a micro-climate where a south-facing hillside has vines, and the north-facing has cows, so wine and cheese are the natural produce, and we can discuss and use the rich language of taste and smell and texture when trying them!



Dartmoor and Widecombe -  wonderful countryside and interesting geology combine with ancient history to make this a great adventure into the past.

Experiencing Dartmoor often takes us into considering geological time-scales and brings reflection and perspective on what we can create in our landscapes, and in our lives.


Pairwork, English in Totnes.jpg

English Culture in the classroom- English humour- try your hand at telling a joke and learn about irony and the English tendency to laugh at ourselves and even potentially serious things.

If you want to stay longer, why not book another General English Plus course?

I like this way of teaching, especially this kind of experiential teaching. Learning more and pracising my oral English while enjoying the scenery.                                                                                                       Hui Lu  (China)

The best part of it was Cultural Experience. I had a lovely time visiting various places and learned a lot about history and local people's lives.                                                                                         Masahiro (Japan)