Your learning experience

We offer our students more than just a language course- we give them a full immersion into the life and culture of our beautiful, friendly small town.

Modern  classrooms in a truly historic building

With our own unique blend of old and new, our classrooms are bright and modern, with individual designer furniture, Apple TVs and free wi-fi throughout to ensure your learning experience is cutting edge as well as  fun and effective. 

Quality teaching targeted to your needs

Our school is housed in the historic Gate House building (above), the defining and iconic landmark of Totnes High Street. This building formed the original entrance to the town walls and parts of it date back to the  late 14th Century. 


One of our  classrooms is actually in the room beneath the clock tower that forms the bridge across the road!  

Our teachers are professional as well as friendly and approachable. They want to help you reach your learning goals using the best methods for you. Our teaching ethos is based on discovering  individual strengths and weaknesses and working towards personal targets, rather than a generalised approach that may or may not work for you. Our classroom settings are specially designed to encourage conversation and participation, integrating technology and maximising outcomes for everyone.

Meet new friends from all over the world

It goes without saying that  the teachers, the office staff, the locals of Totnes and your fellow students will all form an important part of your overall experience.  At English in Totnes,  you are guaranteed to meet a bunch of warm, friendly, welcoming, wonderful, interesting (and sometimes eccentric!) people. We hope  the friendships you make here  will continue well beyond  your stay.

Please be climate aware and offset your flight by, for example, planting trees. Or travel by train (or other public transport) for a 10% discount on your course- discount refunded on presentation of your tickets on arrival at the school. And if you could write about your journey, we can share how you did it and encourage others to do the same! Not applicable to pre-booked groups.

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