English plus English for Work

This course is for you if you need English for your work, profession or career. We include a visit to a local business once a fortnight with your teacher.

The morning General English classes improve your use of English, increase your vocabulary, extend your grammar and give you confidence.

The afternoon English for Work classes offer you English practice in:

  • Cross-cultural socialising with colleagues from different countries

  • Presenting yourself in a job interview

  • Selling yourself, your product or your service- through the language of persuasion, compromise and  empathy

  • Dealing with difficult customers or situations- making yourself clear without causing offence

  • Increasing your business vocabulary and grammar structures

  • Writing texts, emails and reports

  • Virtual meetings and telephoning

  • Accurate pronunciation and clear speech

Work Place

Course details

Course availability: all year round

Course length: 2 weeks+

Course levels: Pre-Intermediate (A2) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 16 years 

Class size: maximum 12: average 7

Lesson length: 60 minutes

No of lessons: 21 x 60 minutes English lessons per week

£347 per week

Why not add:


£45 per week extra for full summer social programme (21st June - 15th August 2021) booked in advance- a saving of £20 per week! This gives you 2 half-day excursions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one full day excursion on a Saturday. This is in addition to the usual free social programme of 3 evening activities per week.

*includes Endsleigh student travel and health insurance- click here for details

Registration fee :£50 per course - this gives you access to all your course materials online through our study portal plus access to online materials for 12 months after you go home.

See here for accommodation and transfers.