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What do we stand for?

Our mission

Empowering learners to become better versions of themselves

Providing a safe community where people develop a greater understanding of themselves and each other

Our vision

Treating everyone connected within our community of learners as a valuable individual 

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Paul ran Devon School of English for 25 years in Paignton. Now a co-Director at EiT he is responsible for Health and Safety, Bookings and Sales.

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Margie is co-Director at EiT which she has run form the past 30 years. She is responsible for Welfare and safeguarding, Bookings and Sales.

Homestay Coordinator

Kizzy has extensive experience in working at EiT having left to run her family business and now returning to organise our homestays and assist Sady with bookings etc. 


Sady 2023.png

Office Manager

Sady has extensive experience in managing all aspects of a language school in the south-west. She is our Designated Safeguarding (DSL) and is responsible for Bookings, Transfers and Homestay.

Lucie 2023.jpg

Academic Manager

Lucie is our Designated Safeguarding (DSW) and is responsible for Academic and Welfare.

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Laura Perry

Activity Manager


Laura has worked in the education industry as a mainstream art and textiles teacher and is now in charge of our activities and social programme.

Some of our regular teachers


Jayne Jordan


Alex Guzelian


Phil Potter

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Toby Lewis

Who are we?

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