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Our mission

What do we stand for?

Empowering learners to become better versions of themselves

Providing a safe community where people develop a greater understanding of themselves and each other

Our vision

Treating everyone connected within our community of learners as a valuable individual 

Who are we?


School Manager

After studying Social Anthropology at uni, Rick started teaching EFL in the 90s.  He then spent 20 years as a main-stream teacher (ICT) and managing a department. He is a keen photographer and Aikido 5h Dan.

Sheila Smaller photo.jpg

Sheila Smaller

Paul 2022.jpg


Paul Hawthorne ran Devon School of English for 25 years in Paignton. Now working with us at EiT, he has a wealth of experience in the EFL industry and brings a much-appreciated injection of creativity and energy to our school.

Dana pic.JPG


Dana Grant

Margie 2022.jpg


Margie is the director and owner of EiT and is responsible for the overall running of the school- she likes walking and her fox red labrador Ruben is usually to be found under her desk in the office.

Sharon Perry.jpeg


Sharon Perry

Lisa Haley jpg.jpg

Academic Manager

Lisa is responsible for all aspects of academic management . She enjoys spending time with her two dogs and is a keen runner.


Lucie Matthews


Sheila is a year-round teacher who lives in Paignton with her husband, son and bouncy dog.

Teacher, IELTS and Cambridge Exams expert as well as being a Trinity Examiner

Dana is one of our longest serving teachers with over 30 years' teaching experience. She loves spending time with her family and travelling as much as she can.

Teacher, Academic Skills and IELTS expert

Sharon is a well-qualified teacher of English with an MA in Applied Linguistics, BA (hons) in English literature, PGCE in English and DELTA and CELTA in English language teaching. She was also an IELTS examiner for many years. She lived and worked in South East Asia for 26 years, where she taught all levels of English to students in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Brunei. Since her return to UK she has been teaching English to international students from all over the world, both in person and online.


Lucie is a year-round teacher who lives in Brixham with her partner and two children.

Office dogs.jpg
And our important office dog Ruben who brings comfort and cuddles to staff and students alike!- and is a master thief when it comes to lunches!
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