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Our Story

Where did it all begin?

1980- or was it December 1979 (!)..

A quirky co-operative at 51B High St, opposite the marketplace

Totnes School of English for individual adults

Founded by teachers

With New-Age outlook 

1999- or was it December 1998 (?)..

Margie and Clare shared a bottle of wine...and bought the school

with support of husbands Clive and Simon

Moved into the Gate House at Easter


1999 - 2010

All hands on deck- our loyal staff and our own children worked hard for the school

2005 first Junior course- thank you Maria Carmen from Almeria

2008 expanded into next door offices- got a small garden!

2010 - 2016

Joined Language in Group- changed our name to Language in Totnes

Bought Windmill House - tried running it as a hostel - good summer junior centre!

September 2016 

All change!

Back to solo management- and welcomed back Clare and Clive- class -act business angels

Reborn as English in Totnes


Added Gate House as a local venue for meetings, gatherings, after work activities and celebrations.

2020- 2021

Working hard to survive the COVID 19 pandemic

Expanding our online offering

Expanding our adult courses- 50 plus, English Plus this space

Registered as a wedding venue


Paul Hawthorne (previously of Devon School of English, Paignton) joined Margie as a co-Director of English in Totnes, bringing with him a wealth of expertise and marketing know-how- and we had our first 'reasonable' year of business since COVID.

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