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              Junior English
            24th June - 23rd August 2024

Junior English 2024

This is for you if you want to improve your English in a social, active and dynamic way and meet students of similar ages and different nationalities.


Our focus is on helping you to progress and to become an independent learner in a supportive learning environment.

Classes are held in our historic, yet modern building in the heart of Totnes. We use the the small, safe town of Totnes as a classroom to extend communication with English people and learn about local history and culture.  Many lessons are linked to our excursions and social activities, providing a complete learning experience.


Course availability: 24th June - 23rd August 2024

Course length: 2-4 weeks

Course levels: Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 13-17 years 

Class size: maximum 15

Lesson length: 60 minutes

No of lessons: 15 hours per week

Activities:  Monday to Friday  (including 2 half-day excursions and 3 half-day activities), 2 evening activities and a full day Saturday excursion

* 16-17 years will be considered for a General English class on an individual basis

Course details

Course prices

Safety and responsibility

For all our juniors,  safety is our number one concern  (followed closely by  having fun and learning English, of course!).  It is  important  for us to be able  to offer parents complete peace of mind, and  we provide the following to this end:

  • Host families carefully selected by the school team - all families are  inspected regularly and the responsible adult in homestay accommodation for under 18 students is DBS checked and other adults noted in the home check for the DBS

  • Professional, experienced and qualified supervisors for all outdoor adventure activities

  • Minimum of 1:15 supervision on all excursions and activities 

  • 24 hour emergency phone number

  • We use public transport as much as we can to protect our environment.  

If you need any help whilst you are here with us- Lucie our Under 18 Junior Liaison and Academic Manager will be happy to help.

This popular learner - centred course is based on topics, course books and materials relevant to learners such as “Film/TV”, “Sport” and “Food/Eating Out”.


Learning goals and objectives will be set from the results of the learners needs analysis and placement test to meet the linguistic and communicative needs of students in a supportive learning environment. New language will be consolidated and recycled through out the course to aid faster learning and retention. The course will also make use of a variety of technologies including internet research, use of mobile phones, videos, songs, and interactive online games.


Each lesson comprises three stages; the first two are to provide language input. New language will be consolidated and recycled throughout the course to aid faster learning and retention. Student interaction is prioritised throughout the course with plenty of opportunity for pair/ group work and discussion. The last lesson could be based on project work or task where students work collaboratively to consolidate previous learning, encourage creativity, and provide a reason to communicate. Feedback will be given throughout the class using a variety of techniques.

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