Social and Cultural Activities

Throughout the year we offer our adult and junior students a wide range of cultural and sporting activities, plus evening activities and half-day and full-day excursions. 

We use public transport as much as we can to protect our environment.  Where we do need to use a car or coach, we offset our carbon footprint through planting trees.


For our individual year round adults, our social programme is voluntary. Some of our activities are free; others have a small cost for entrance or transport, ranging from £3.50 to £25 a time. 


We have regular pronuciation and study clubs which helps you practise English sounds and explore wider discussion issues.  These free activities are open to online students too.

For our juniors, our social programme is included in the cost of the fees so please ask us for copies of the programme for the weeks you are coming to Totnes. 


All our activities are led by our enthusiastic activity staff or teachers who ensure that every fun activity is also a learning opportunity and integrated as much as possible into class lessons.

The activities  schedule is constantly changing and varied, according to the seasons and  the exciting local events going on at any particular time. Here is just a sample of the type of activities on offer.

Battlefield Live
Explore wild Dartmoor
Explore wild Dartmoor
Visit Torquay
Visit Torquay, the heart of the English Riviera
Beach walk
Paignton Zoo
Surfing and paddleboarding lessons
Exeter City Tour
Exeter City Tour
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Please be climate aware and offset your flight by, for example, planting trees. Or travel by train (or other public transport) for a 10% discount on your course- discount refunded on presentation of your tickets on arrival at the school. And if you could write about your journey, we can share how you did it and encourage others to do the same! Not applicable to pre-booked groups.

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