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Hybrid courses

Hybrid class Covid-secure Totnes.jpg

These courses are for you if you want to study English now but you cannot attend a face to face class in Totnes because:

  • you cannot travel because of government rules- either the UK or your home government

  • you are in quarantine and cannot join the face to face class yet

  • you plan to come to English in Totnes in the future sometime and you want to get a flavour of the school and town

How do these courses work?

You book an English face to face course and then you have all your lessons online until you are able to join us in Totnes in person. This means that you get to know other students who are in Totnes and you can ask them about the town, the school and the teachers so that when you finally come to Totnes, you already know how the school works and some of our staff and teachers.

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