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Adult IELTS, Cambridge or Language Cert online course

This course helps to prepare you for IELTS, Cambridge  and Language Cert exams.


IELTS is one of the best known English language tests for second language users. 

Cambridge FCE and CAE are also popular English level exams- these exams require a complete overview of grammar and vocabulary at different levels and are a great way to really make sure you cover key language points. IELTS is more of a snapshot of your level at any time; FCE or CAE give evidence that you've covered the syllabus in real detail.

Language Cert is a useful, relatively new exam which we can run from the school when you want to do it- it's a very useful, reasonably-priced, easy to set up external validation of your English level.

Passing any of the above tests/ exams will give you what you need to show you have the right English level to attend a university course in the UK. Or if you want to work in an English speaking company or country, and adding an English certificate to your CV is a plus!

Group classes

Our course offers 1.5 hours tuition every day from Monday to Friday - Monday, Wednesday and Friday lessons focus on General English skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar development and vocabulary extension. Tuesday and Thursday lessons focus on exam preparation and practice for the exams above. You have two written pieces of homework weekly which focus on the particular exam that you are preparing for.

Please note we are not currently claiming British Council accreditation for our online courses.

Video Conference

Course dates: starts 30.01.2023

Course length: 6 weeks

Course levels:  Pre Intermediate (A2)- Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 18 years +

Class size: 1 - 12

Lesson length: 90 minutes per day Monday to Friday

Lesson times:

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 12.30 UK time

No of lessons: 5 x 90 minutes per week

£495 for 6 weeks paid in advance

Registration fee :£35 per course

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