English for Teachers Online

This intensive Refresher course is for you if you teach English to adults or children and are looking for a practical course full of ideas for improving your lessons, as well as improving your own English and your pedagogic knowledge.

The course is eligible for EU funding and satisfies the hours, content and length necessary for grants. Click here for a Course Overview.

Grazia from Italy said:

I really enjoyed the professionality of our teachers, the fact the course was designed on our needs and it covered lots of contents. As a teacher training course we could learn lots of interesting activities and reflect about their focus. May 2021

Daniela from Italy said:

...thanks to the experienced and inspirational teachers Sheila and Leigh I had the possibility to refresh my language and improve my confidence. The school tailored the course to our individual linguistic needs. We took part in engaging and co-operative activities. May 2021

Stefania from Italy said:

Our teachers Sheila and Leigh were really experienced and motivating. they involved us in engaging activities. We also had the chance to share our experience as teachers and learn from each other. I've learned a lot from my teachers and my colleagues as well. May 2021

Online Meeting

Course dates: starts 12.07.2021 and 20.09.2021

Course length: 2 weeks

Course levels:  Intermediate (B1)- Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 25 years

Class size: 4 - 6

Lesson length: 3 hours (3 x 60 minutes) per day Monday to Friday

Lesson times: 2 different time zones:

1. Monday - Friday 11.00 UK time/ 19.00 CST,18.00 THA, 20.00 Japan

2. Monday - Friday 17.00 UK time/ 18.00 CET

No of lessons: 3 x 60 minutes x 5 days Monday to Friday

£350 per student

Registration fee :£30 per course - this gives you access to all your course materials online through our study portal plus access to online materials for 12 months after you go home.