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Academic English Booster Online 

This course is for you if you need to improve your English for school to get better grades or to do an entrance exam for a public school in the UK.


You learn how to write:

  • reports

  • summaries

  • argumentative essays

  • notes


You also learn how to speak:

  • to give your opinion in debates and discussions

  • to describe data 

  • to speak confidently and clearly in public

  • to do presentations, both individual and in pairs

For each lesson, we give you homework to practise and review what you have learnt.


Young Vlogger

Course details

Course availability: 12.07.2021 - 16.07.21 and 26.07.21 - 30.07.21

Course length: 1 week- 5 days Monday to Friday

Course levels: Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 14- 17 years

Class size:  2 - 6 students

Lesson length: 60 minutes

No of lessons: 15 x 60 minutes x 1 week

Time of lessons: 

Lesson times: 2 different time zones:

1. 11.00 UK time/ 19.00 CST,18.00 THA, 20.00 Japan

2. 17.00 UK time/ 18.00 CET

Course prices

£300 per person

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