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English for Work Online

This online English course is for you if you want to develop your confidence using English in the workplace. This course is based on your individual needs and that is why we teach it in small groups, maximum 10 people per group. The course focuses on your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for your business and professional life. As well as developing you personally, this course also gives you the chance to meet other business people from different professions without even having to leave your desk.

Please note we are not currently claiming British Council accreditation for our online courses.

What topics do we cover?

Our course is based on an indvidual needs analysis for each person, but we aim to cover the following topics during our 5 week course:

  • Cross-cultural socialising with colleagues from different countries

  • Presenting yourself and your company, both formally in a business presentation and informally in a social context

  • Selling to people- through the language of persuasion, compromise and  empathy

  • Dealing with difficult customers or situations- making yourself clear without causing offence

  • Increasing your business vocabulary and grammar structures

  • Writing emails, reports, minutes and offers

  • Virtual meetings and telephoning

  • Accurate pronunciation and clear speech

Online Tutorial

Course start dates: 16.10.2023

Course length: 5 weeks

Course levels: minimum B1

Minimum age: 18 years+

Class size: 2 - 10

Lesson length: 2 x 60 minutes per day Tuesday and Thursday

Lesson times:

17:30 UK time/ 17:30 CET

No of lessons: 2 x 120 minutes per week

£1250 for 5 weeks

Registration fee :£35 per course 

Listen to our student Numan's feedback on his online course with English in Totnes.

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All Videos

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