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Introduction to Coding Online

Computer coding is all about problem solving.  By doing this course you are preparing for an exciting career, developing your ability to puzzle things out (which is really satisfying and fun) but you are also improving your ability to solve problems, which is a huge life-skill.


There are lots of different computer languages but it is actually quite easy to learn to programme.  Mostly, different languages just have different phraseology, layout, syntax, but the principles; of Sequencing ideas, Selecting items and Iterating code underly all languages.


This course is for you if you want to build on your present knowledge of block coding (using programmes such as Scratch) and expand into writing useable computing programmes.   I want to give you an overview of the subject, and let you experiment with lots of different programming paradigms; 3rd Generation programming languages (such as BASIC and Python), Rapid Application Development, Object orientated, HTML, Structured Query Language, ...  It is particularly suitable for students preparing for English exams such as GCSE Computing.


The programme is run by Richard Smaridge, our School Manager. Richard has a wealth of experience of teaching ICT and Computing.  He has been a secondary teacher for 20 years, 15 years of which he was Head of Department for ICT and then Computing. He was leader of the most successful ICT department in Devon for 6 years in a row and Specialist Leader of Education from 2013 onwards. And he loves teaching computing!

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Problem-solve using the 3 basic constructs of computing- sequence, selection and iteration

  • Transfer these skills to a range of different applications, such as video games, websites 

  • For native English speakers, have an overview of the 5 key GCSE fields for GCSE Computing

  • As an English learner, combine learning computing with practising your English and and interacting with native English speakers 

  • Contact us for dates and times if these don't suit you!


Distance Learning

Course start dates: 22.02.2021; 22.03.2021; 19.04.2021; 17.05.2021; 14.06.2021; 05.07.2021; 12.07.2021; 19.07.2021; 26.07.2021; 02.08.2021; 09.08.2021; 16.08.2021; 23.08.2021; 20.09.2021; 18.10.2021; 22.11.2021; 13.12.2021

Course length: 1 week

Course levels: some block coding knowledge; minimum B1 English for second language user

Minimum age: 14 years- 17 years

Class size: 1 - 4

Lesson length: 3 hours per day Monday to Friday, with 2 x 15 minute breaks

Lesson start times: 2 different time zones:

1. Monday - Friday 09.00 UK time/ 17.00 CST,16.00 THA, 18.00 Japan

2. Monday - Friday 17.00 UK time/ 18.00 CET

No of lessons: 15 x 60 minutes per week

£350 per course


  • You must have your own laptop and internet access

  • Extra English lessons available - ask for prices

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