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Summer Family Programme 

We welcome the whole family to study at our school in the summer and we can organise courses for you and your children.


We offer the choice of two family packages:

1. The Family Homestay package

2. The Family Cottage package


Family Homestay package

1. Family Homestay Package 

Key facts:

  • Homestays in Totnes or in surrounding villages – in the latter instance, hosts bring you and your children in and out of Totnes to school every day.

  • Suitable for a ‘family’ of 2 people, a parent and a child. 

  • Usually shared or a combination of single and shared rooms.

  • Homestay provides breakfast and an evening meal for the adults and breakfast, an evening meal and a packed lunch for young learners (11-17-year olds).


The homestay hosts welcome you and your family into their homes and you are encouraged to join them for meals and in the evenings, watching TV or sitting in the garden if the weather is nice. The kitchen is the family’s domain so do offer to help, but be sensitive!

This is a wonderful way of making friends, getting to know about local events and entering in to the local life of the different communities- not to mention helping your English!


Family Homestay Package details

Course dates:

Any Monday between 4th July and 12th August 2022

Choose from our range of adult and junior English courses. 

Family Homestay prices 

Adults half board:  £158 per week

Juniors full board:  £210 (single) or £189 (shared) room per week


Accommodation fees include:

  • Transport in and out of town to school (if outside Totnes)

  •  Light washing once a week

  •  Change of bed linen and towels once a week

  •  Use of shared areas such as lounge, bathroom and garden

2. Family Cottage Package 

Family Cottage package

Key Facts


  • Apartments or cottages can either be in Totnes, within walking distance of the school or in surrounding villages if you are going to bring or hire a car. Cottages or apartments are available for families of any size and prices are available on request.  We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Run as commercial enterprises therefore making them subject to stringent checks by local tourism authorities as well as our own quality inspection, thus making your stay clean, comfortable and unforgettable! 

  • Subject to availability - book early to get the best deal and to guarantee a cottage.


Family Cottage Package details

Course dates:

Any Monday between 4th July and 12th August 2022

Choose from our wide range of adult and junior English courses. 

Family Cottage prices 

Prices in the region of £700 per week and exact prices can be quoted on request.


Cottage accommodation fees include:

  • Towels and linen

  • Wi-Fi access

  • TV/DVD 

  • Parking might be available (please ask upon enquiry)

  • Laundry facilities

  *Please note that full accommodation price must be paid at time of booking to secure a cottage or apartment. This is a non-refundable deposit in case of cancellation. 


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