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Junior English Online one to one

This course is for you if you need to improve your English for school to get better grades or to do an entrance exam for a public school in the UK. You study on your own on a one to one basis. You choose what you want to practise- speaking, reading, writing, listening or grammar.


Our most popular subjects are:

  • creative writing

  • writing practice for public school entrance- poetry appreciation, essay writing for example

  • speaking practice for public speaking contests or school assessment

For each lesson, we give you homework to practise and review what you have learnt.

Please note we are not currently claiming British Council accreditation for our online courses.

Online Class

Course details

Course availability: all year round

Course length: you choose

Course levels: Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Minimum age: 11- 15 years

Class size: 1

Lesson length: 60 minutes

No of lessons: 10 x 60 minutes

Time of lessons: to be arranged to suit you and your teacher

Course prices

£595 per person

Registration fee :£35 per course

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