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Delicious Dartmoor

Our morning lessons finished at about 1 o’clock.

We went straight into the car park and got in our teacher’s car. It was a convertible and the day was sunny and the sky was blue so the top was down.

We drove to Ashburton. It took us about 30 minutes. Because the car was open we could hear birds in the trees and the sound of the wind in the trees. We went over old bridges where only one car could cross.

We went along the river and next to the railway track, but the steam engine did not pass us.

In Ashburton we went shopping for food. We got packs of drinks and ham and croisant and a pasty and chocolate biscuits and crisps from the little supermarket. It took us about 20 minutes to get what we wanted.

We then drove onto Dartmoor. We saw the landscape of hills and valleys. We saw some old stone churches and a few houses and lots of beautiful pubs.

We saw cows and sheep and horses and ponies. The sheep were very woolly and some had markings on them. There were old and grey walls made of big stones. There were piles of stones called tors.

It took about 40 minutes to get to Dartmeet, where we parked.

We carried all of our food, and blankets and drink and cooking equipment to the picnic spot.

The path was not straight. It was up and down and went left and right. Our teacher hit his head on a branch. We had to jump over the water on the ground and look for the best way.

The path was next to the river which was sparkling in the sunlight. There were many people swimming in the river and others lying on the ground by the river. There were lots of small groups, but we saw one big group as well. Many families.

On the path there were yellow bushes and blue flowers and white flowers and bluebells.

We put the blankets on the ground and sat under a tree in dappled sunlight and we started to eat. Arisa gave us croissant with ham and coconut biscuits. Punatee had a huge pasty.

Saleh and Arisa lay on the dry grass in the sun when our teacher started cooking. He had a small stove and frying pan and cooked chicken in mango and chilli, then put it in brioche buns with lettuce and tomatoes that Punatee chopped. There were four of us and there were four buns. Then Punatee gave us chocolate biscuits.

After food we started a lesson about the phrase ‘Are you going to …’. We asked each other lots of questions from the paper and answered and then asked another question. All of the phrases were the same.

After our lesson we went home. We walked back to the car and we took selfies by the river.

We wanted photos of our friends to remember our trip.

We got back to the car and got in and drove back a different way. We went past a reservoir. The road was very very narrow.

It looked dangerous because it looked like one way but when another car came towards us, we slowed down and went to the side, and it was ok.

It took about 35 minutes to drive back to Totnes. Everything was very very very beautiful and we said thank you very much for the trip to the teacher and the school.

It was very different learning English on the trip. When we saw someone we could practise English with them. We could ask questions and use the English we have learned.

This post was written by Punatee, Arisa and Saleh with Rick's guidance and photographs.


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