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Why do an English language exam?

Last week Amy Chapman, our Academic Manager, did a Facebook Live! on doing an English language exam. She made some key points about the personal benefits of studying for an exam:

  1. it gives you an external validation of your English level

  2. all of the recognised exams (IELTS, Cambridge, Language Cert, Trinity etc) test all 4 skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking so they are a good, combined measure of your English level at that time

  3. studying for an exam gives you a good goal to aim for- it gives focus and meaning to your studying

  4. because these exams are so well known internationally, there's lots of free amterial available- in addition to what you get in the classroom- for you to use in self-study in your own time

Also, there are external reasons why studying for an exam is a good idea:

  1. you might need an exam result for education goals like school or university entrance

  2. immigration purposes- to get a visa to work in an English-speaking country

  3. in order to work in an English-speaking company or country

Watch the video for the full discussion.

At English in Totnes, we offer English plus Exam Preparation face to face in Totnes and online. Have a look at our website for details or drop us an email at


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